Nidia Cueva

Prop Stylist

Los Angeles & New York



Nidia is a prop stylist and artist based out of NYC and Los Angeles. She mixes colors, texture, and found objects to create a unique dialogue of shape and form in her styling and photography. Inspired by her travels around the globe, Nidia infuses her work with a distinct blend of abstract and literal expression, seeking to tell stories with visual elements. She believes that all objects, even discarded ones, have a purpose, and finds inspiration in all of her journeys, from trips across continents, to strolls around the block to sitting in her tia’s kitchens. When not styling, Nidia can be found curating her new collective prop house in downtown LA.


Wall Street Journal /Men's Fitness/ Food52/ Pure Leaf / The Standard Hotel/ Chobani / Naturally Magazine / Hillshire Farms / Beringer Wines / Food Network / Anthology Magazine / Delta Airlines / Goop / Chipotle / Ember Magazine / Under Armour / Wine Spectator / Tillamook / New Castle / 



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